Quality Policy

B.S. SERVICE is the protagonist of a steady growth since many years and growing means making investments. A company that invests is a company that looks ahead with confidence and optimism. After changing the status into industry in June 2015, after moving in the new site in Fabriano in January 2016, an important has been reached in the same year, the ISO 9001:2015 Certification, the acquisition of the Tecnowind S.p.A, on the August 2018, we remark and defined our guidelines that are summarized in the following:


Placing our internal and external customer expectations at the centre of our activities. Our customer satisfaction and loyalty to the company and to our brand are the main indicators of our success.

Offering quality and innovative products, superior to competitor brands, is the key to achieving longterm excellence of results, the result of constant focus on the needs of the customer, collaborators, suppliers and shareholders.

Management oriented towards processes and objectives
The consistency of orientation towards processes and the analysis of critical aspects of processes ensures the rapid achievement of objectives by means of the optimal use of resources. Decisions are made based on information, facts and strategic steering.

Staff growth and participation
Each of us determines the quality and success of our own personal performance. By means of active participation, we promote qualified collaborators, capable of operating independently and responsibly.

Continuous learning, innovation and development
Through creativity and learning, our collaborators develop their skills continuously.
Our continuous improvement process is based on both the use of targeted methods and the efficient exchange of knowledge.

Partnership creation
Solid and long-lasting partnerships with the world’s leading brands ensure reliable trade agreements characterised by reciprocal goals.

Environmental impact
Manufacturing products that take the following factors into consideration:
• humans, fauna and flora;
• land, water, air, climate and landscape;
• tangible assets and cultural heritage
with the aim of achieving minimum possible environmental impact and guaranteeing sustainable development, on the understanding that the needs of current generations cannot compromise the quality of life of future generations.

Health and safety
Safeguarding the health and safety of workers is a primary issue, a constant commitment and a fundamental part of our mission. The upholding of these values is undertaken through the constant investment of resources and the continuous improvement of process performance and reliability in accordance with relevant applicable legislation.

Fabriano, 11/11/2019
The General Management of B.S. SERVICE

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