We were born in the name of innovation.
Our main target has always been to intercept
the needs of the market and propose innovative
solutions, combining the quality of materials and
components, high standards of functionality and
attention to design.

Our history is made of constant investment in
research and development and of valorisation of the
long tradition of expertise in the industrial district of
Fabriano. A highly qualified staff, the use of cuttingedge
technologies, the ability to promptly respond
to market demands and production flexibility are our
distinctive value.

Our history is a history of people and relationships:
the customer is at the center of a shared and
participated process and we believe this is the only
possible way to achieve excellent results.
Innovation, research and development, people and
relationships, from 2001 to today.

Quality Certification

BS Service Group is ISO 9001:2015 certified and all products are CE certified.

High quality Made in Italy!


And we are here today!

Just renewed! 2016 has marked the most intense change of all of us,
a year that means a lot to BS Service Group: a new seat, new machines that have arrived and others that are on the way.
A success for all of us, the protagonists of this reality!

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