Young, dynamic and innovative company, B.S. Service, since its birth bases its growth on technology, quality and service. It is present on national and international markets with its main brand “NT Air”; from 2006 and thanks to its abilities it has developed kitchen hoods in which style and technology combine to create a cutting edge product. From the heart of Italy, in the hood’s district, source of its experience in research and design of high technological content systems, B.S. Service flanks to the hood the hob production. Quality, design, style and attention to detail are the values that B.S. Service prefers and are those in which it gets the inspiration from when achieving its products, which become the expression of a high quality standard in harmony with the Italian style and design. Thanks to a strong, customer orientated policy, the company manages to combine market responsiveness’ speed and production flexibility, making of these two elements the point of strength in a global market which is increasingly looking for reactivity.

Quality Certification

B.S.SERVICE is ISO 9001:2015 certified and all products are CE certified.

High quality Made in Italy!


And we are here today!

Just renewed! 2016 has marked the most intense change of all of us, a year that means a lot to Bs Service: a new seat, new machines that have arrived and others that are on the way. A success for all of us, the protagonists of this reality!

Depending on the requirements, the hoods can be equipped with any type of motor, either tangential or radial, with different flow rate and pressure levels. The required extraction capacity depends on the dimensions of the kitchen.

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